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Toddlers in a childcare center in Hamilton, MS received the scare of their young lives when daycare workers dawned SCREAM masks and ran around the daycare threatening children. As if taunting of children isn't bad enough, the daycare owner was left uncharged. Her plea was she didn't know this was taking place at the daycare.

In an era when accountability for children is at an all time high, how can the owner be dismissed when the five daycare workers were charged with felonies and misdemeanors for child-abuse and child endangerment? If this even took place in a K-12 school, the public would be demanding the school board fire the superintendent or at the very least be put on administrative leave. The principal would suffer the same lot because it is her duty to oversee the health and welfare of the children in their care, and that includes protecting them from the faculty and staff who may decide to harm them.

School and daycare centers should be places parents can be assured their child is safe and in good care. The last thing a parent should have to consider is that teachers will harm their child while at school. Unfortunately, teachers are not exempt from lapses in moral judgement, but when that happens the leaders who oversee the teachers should be held just as accountable. A pass for this type of event should never be offered, to the offender or the persons who hired them.

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