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Better Together

There has been no other time in the history of education quite like this one. As educators, we have learned through the years about adversity, budget cuts, school violence, and the uncertainties of the future of education systems. During this historic event we have learned that we are better together. Teachers are better when they are in the presence or telepresence of their students. Principals are better when they are surrounded by their amazing faculties and district administrators are better when they are brainstorming ideas with their principals.

This pandemic has not only reminded us of what we already know, but it also exposed us to the world as caring human beings dedicated to bringing normalcy, a sense of belonging, a yearning to learn, and compassion to the life of a child. It helped parents around the globe better appreciate the work it takes to truly get their child to understand and master something. And, it has helped us as an education community realize that there is a reason to hope for the best in education.

At the core of our society, we represent the social service of schooling. The entity that makes sure families have food, supplies, and necessary resources. The entity that helps ground a community in learning, inquiry, creativity, and sports! The entity that gives hope to the economy and well-being of a community. If this pandemic has a lesson for educators, it is that we are NOT a lost cause. We are worth fighting for and we will survive, because we are an anchor in our communiites and we are ALL better together.

If you want to be together with your edutribe, please join me each Wednesday for Tech & Learnings Leadership Round Table Series.

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