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Concierge Consulting Services 

K20Connect is a network of independent consultants focused on K-20 education. We offer a wide range of concierge consulting and networking services to provide the necessary tools and expertise to your district, university, or business. We partner with our clients from start to finish, focusing on their needs while constructing new ideas, developing effective strategies, and designing high-quality and scalable solutions. 

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We offer professional development services focused on technology in classrooms as well as strategic planning, visioning, technology planning implementation, and ROI. We also specialize in district and school improvement strategies.

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We offer support to non-profit and school boards in strategic planning, board development, governance, CEO evaluation, budget management and oversight, and community building.

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We provide coaching solutions that guide organizations and individuals to maximize their strengths to discover their potential, improve practice, and create opportunities for exponential growth.

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We work with a variety of companies to support marketing strategies, product development and design, content development and design, and business development strategies.


"I have known Dr. Kecia Ray for several years and witnessed her skill-set across the diverse landscape of U.S. education. Kecia's talent for understanding complex education business and practice issues and the subsequent implications they may/may not have on respective parties is, unparalleled. Her relationships, across the U.S., run deep and provide meaningful opportunities - for all involved. I recommend Kecia without reservation as so many in and outside of the American classroom explore the 'next' in our industry. We need innovative voices grounded principally in the notion that what we have, as a collective, launches us from a 'half-full' perspective - Dr. Ray embodies this mantra daily."

Rod Berger,  Strategos Group

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