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Our Impact

Our engagements represent a variety of school districts, state departments of education, non-profits supporting the education industry and industry supporting the education market. Our network offers the agility to move with the project and bring in the talent and expertise necessary for each client. 

Los Angeles Unified School District

In the Los Angeles Unified School District, we were called upon at the onset of COVID19 to assist in helping them transition to blended learning. In Los Angeles, we supported professional development for blended learning for 14,000 teachers.

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New York City Department of Education

At the onset of COVID, we were contracted by New York City Department of Education to assist in transitioning to a blended learning strategy that would enable schools to remain accessible for learning. We worked with the Chief Academic Officer and her team to design online lessons for each grade level and each subject area. We also created parent guides to offer support to parents for each unit a student would experience in every subject area and every grade level. These resources remained accessible after schools returned to in person instruction.

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Omaha Public Schools

As a new superintendent was transitioning into leadership, we supported her vision for the district by coaching district leadership and assisting in the strategic planning process that was led by a renowned futurist. The futurist helped set the vision and the strategic plan while our team connected the vision to action through departmental action plans to aid in budget alignment of resources and measuring outcomes of implementation. 

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Omaha Public Education Foundation

Omaha Public Education Foundation utilized our services to coach leadership as a new superintendent was transitioning in to the district.  We supported the restructuring of the organization and assisted in developing job descriptions and evaluation metrics.  

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Lamar University

In conjunction with Lamar University, we provided administrative support and designed digital curricular initiatives for effective remote and hybrid learning for Texas Can Academies in five major cities throughout Texas. We re-evaluated and reformed their strategic vision for technology implementation and integration in collaboration with the leadership team, curriculum and instruction department members, and educators to provide optimal impact for under-achieving students.


Impactful Education Initiatives

We worked with Microsoft Education, Google for Education, Google Earth Education, Apple Education, HP Education, HP Global, Digital Promise, Digital Promise Global, MAD-learn, and Verizon Innovative Learning to provide professional expertise, academic research, strategic planning, instructional design, digital technology integration, professional learning content, professional development, conference organization and support, instructional coaching, education marketing, education content, and support and assets for other impactful education initiatives.

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Global Non-Profit Organizations

We worked internationally with Dr. Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots, Polar Bears International, UNICEF, CARE, UNESCO, VSO, INEE, UNHDR, InZone, and other global non-profit organizations to promote global education, digital equity, global access to quality education, and environmental sustainability initiatives through strategic planning, content creation, professional development, instructional design, environmental activities, conference organization, and strategic, impactful policies to affect change and promote positive action.

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