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Women in EDUHistory

Women’s History Month began in 1975; I was 10 years old. I don’t remember much to do over the declaration that women had equal rights and deserved equal recognition. Still, I believe the fact that these events were taking place in my pre-teen and teen years influenced my call to action.

As a woman-owned and operated business leader, I am particularly interested in supporting women in the education leadership role and those transitioning out of district leadership and into the next phase of their education career journey.

It is still interesting that women are just now breaking some glass ceilings, particularly women of color. Did you know the first Black female public school superintendent in U.S. history was Velma Dolphin Ashley, who was in charge of schools in Boley, Oklahoma, from 1944 to 1956.

Are you interested in finding other fascinating facts about women's history? Check out this link to the History timeline as well as these great Women’s History Month lessons and activities from Tech & Learning.

Here’s to the women who continue to break glass ceilings and do great things!

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