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Stimulus Funding Options for Summer School

The American Rescue Plan Requires Learning Loss to be a Major Focus for Stimulus Funds

Congress has spoken and the American Rescue Plan is now law. There is an urgent concern from federal policymakers on how to address the year of learning loss and provide supports to ensure students are on track for their grade level in the fall. Local education agencies (LEAs) are required to spend at least 20% ($22 Billion) of their stimulus to address learning loss through evidence-based interventions that respond to students’ academic, social, and emotional needs while also allowing funds to be used for summer learning, and supplemental after-school programs.

Not only are the LEAs required to spend some of their funds on this critical issue, but there are requirements for the state education agencies (SEAs) as well. SEAs must use 5% to address learning loss and 1% ($6.1 Billion) for summer enrichment programs.

It is a critical time to find the right partner for providing high quality effective programming to help students prepare for in-person learning.

Addressing Learning Loss

Every state and district will have different needs, just the same as COVID-19 had different impacts. According to The 74:

  • “In California, the negative effects of school closures on academic progress appear greater for English learners and students from low-income families — the very groups that experts have predicted would bear the brunt of remote learning.

  • And in South Carolina, Black students made fewer gains in reading and math in fall 2020 than they did in 2019, but learning loss was even greater among white and Hispanic students.”

How is learning loss impacting your state? Your district?

The difference in learning losses will require personalized solutions to address the needs of students.

As you continue to quantify learning challenges in your district, you must have personalized solutions readily available. Whether you choose to address learning loss through summer enrichment programs or full-year personalized solutions, you need a trusted partner with a passion for student success.

Edovate has been a trusted education services partner for over 10 years. We work with schools and districts to create programs that meet their unique needs.

Edovate offers many school and district level partnership programs including:

  • Homeschool extension programs mean your district keeps students and funding rather than losing students to cyber charter schools

  • Synchronous and asynchronous summer school courses tailor-made for remote learning

  • Year-long live virtual classes led by teachers who specialize in online learning.

  • Online supplemental curriculum that extend personalized learning beyond the classroom

Programs can be tailored to meet the needs of your school or district.

What do district administrators love about Edovate’s partnerships?

  • Experts in personalized and home education for 32 years

  • Teachers are certified teachers

  • Full academic support team takes care of all administration while keeping your school updated throughout

  • We also offer accredited transcripts if needed

Summer Enrichment

Our virtual summer school programs allow your students to complete credit recovery or complete full courses if needed. We offer synchronous and asynchronous options. We will work with your school to build a program with the support and courses your students need.

Virtual Instruction- Synchronous and Asynchronous

Our regular, year-long virtual instruction programs allow you to lean on Edovate’s teaching, curriculum, and academic support teams to build a program that serves as an extension of your school or district. Our teachers will do the live teaching, grading, supporting of the student, and we will keep it all visible to you.

Supplemental Standards-Aligned Instruction

Elephango is a curriculum companion website that covers K-12 and all subjects and is specifically designed to make personalized education easy.

Addressing Learning Loss

As schools turn their attention to learning loss, Elephango’s Jump Start courses are the perfect solution! Jump Start courses are micro-courses designed to help students conquer what they need to know prior to moving on to the next grade level.

Making Personalization Easy

Elephango gives teachers a simple and trackable way to provide personalized learning for each student. Administrators gain peace of mind that students have access to help when they need it and deeper learning when they want it.

Personalization settings and easy assignment features mean that if a student needs a bit more help in an area, Elephango can help by serving up concepts for the student to complete at their own pace.

Teachers can assign lessons to students, classes or tiered learning groups and watch them turn to completed.

Elephango is offered as school-wide or district-wide subscription and is aligned to both national and state standards.

Homeschool Extension Program

Homeschool Extension programs became popular during 2020 when schools and districts saw an increase in parents wanting a homeschool option. Our accredited homeschool option gives parents the flexibility they want with the oversight and support a school prefers. We work with the family to select a curriculum, complete academic assessments, and provide them support throughout the year. This program is a win-win, allowing districts to keep their students, and providing parents with a quality program that is personalized for their family.

If you are interested in learning more, or customizing a program for your needs, one of our school success associates is available to talk to you further. You can call us at 484-229-8890 or email us at

K20connect is proud to partner with Edovate Learning Corp.