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How Does District-Owned Homeschooling Work?

COVID-19 is creating new learning models across the globe- so how does the district-owned homeschooling model work?

The new model of district-operated, family-administered education is called

“District-owned homeschooling.”

In order for a district to create a partnership with families who want homeschooling, there has to be an intentional plan on how to provide all the help and tools families need. It is critical for districts to distinguish between homeschool curriculum and a full-service homeschool partner. Just as in the public schools, there are several curriculum options to choose from. The most important consideration for a district is finding a true partner, who supports your school and can provide both curriculum and parent support as they start a new journey for their student.

What should districts look for in a homeschooling partner or provider?

• A district partnership with professional support

• Accreditation

• Strong acceptance in the home education community

• Academic support services for both the parent and student

• Tools for the parents to assure they they are equipped with what they need to do it well

• Various program options that allow customization for both the district and families (Example: asynchronous, synchronous, online and textbook options.)

• No one specific publisher but include many curriculum options that allow for personalized learning

• Recognition in the homeschool community, which gains parent trust immediately • A proven track record of students going on to college

• Various academic track options (Example: academic, honors, college prep, AP) • Structured to allow district ownership

How does a district help spread the word about the option of district-owned homeschooling?

District leadership will have to be dedicated to making families aware of this option. Superintendents will play a large role in getting a district-owned homeschooling program set up. Counselors will play an important part in ensuring students and families know that there is an option to homeschool without a financial burden to parents.

How is District-Owned Homeschooling Funded?

The funding for district-owned homeschooling is simple, which is another benefit to offering this learning plan. A student enrolls within the district, and the district pays the tuition for any student wanting to enroll with the homeschooling partner/provider. This arrangement helps grow the homeschooling partner, and the district is able to keep a portion of the per-pupil funding after paying the tuition for a student.

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