Framing the COVID-19 Response as an Opportunity

As the hope for normalcy begins to emerge in educators and students, there is time for reflection. Many districts struggled a year ago as they went to move fully online. The struggle was hard to watch for districts and providers that had been doing this work for decades.

There will no doubt be many reports and data points on how COVID-19 impacted students, and what that means for the future workforce and economy in America. There’s also something to be said about the fact that this could happen again. Districts have now received billions of dollars (Around $197.4 billion to be exact) on implementing technologies, services, and curriculum that allow students to learn anytime, anywhere -- it is of the utmost importance that districts use this funding and flexibility as an opportunity.

Threat Rigidity

In a recent survey done by the Clayton Christensen Institute, “schools have sought to replicate the traditional classroom in a new format—a striking 42% of teachers, for example, reported in a nationwide survey by the Clayton Christensen Institute that they replicate their typical day in a remote format.” Experts in the field of online learning, have written