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Appreciate Thy Teacher

Ever since I could walk, I wanted to be a teacher. I played teacher and set up classrooms in every house I lived in. My poor sister was my student for 5 years until she finally was able to go to Kindergarten. I'm a four-generation teacher! It is in my blood. Most of my relatives are teachers, including that poor sister who was my student for so long.

Teaching has changed so much since I first entered the classroom. In 1983, my pre-K classroom had 10 kiddos and tons of resources. My years in inner-city schools showed me how challenging it is to learn when you don't have great learning opportunities in your formative pre-K years, and it taught me that eating and having baths trumped doing homework. But I would not trade any of my teaching or leading experience for anything in the world.

Today, our youth choose other options, like becoming an influencer instead of teaching. It breaks my heart the amount of talent that is out there not wanting to work with kids. As we conclude Teacher Appreciation Week, I wanted to thank the teachers who decided to sign on the line. The ones who showed up to teach and put their all into helping a kid find a kernel of success. You are the cogs in the wheel and the true heroes in our education system. Without high-quality dedicated teachers, we fail. And if we fail to educate our kids, we fail to have a productive society capable of running a nation.

Thank a teacher, encourage a teacher, or become a teacher! These options would be great to consider any time of the year!

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