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Our Work

We tailor our services to meet our client’s needs. We design a custom statement of work in partnership with clients to offer our concierge virtual services as well as on-site consulting. If you don't see what you are looking for, just ask us and we will attempt to meet your needs.

Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning work is focused on helping organizations prepare for the future. We partner with futurist to help organizations develop foresight and create brighter futures.

Marketing Strategy

Our support for market strategies include strategic consulting around the education market, training for sales executives seeking to learn more about the education market. We also produce blogs and white papers for our clients to use as marketing materials.

Landscape Analysis

Our landscape analysis helps organizations find a cohesive and consistent view of their organization and initiatives by analyzing specific operations and chosen key aspects of them.

Professional Learning & Coaching

Our professional learning and coaching includes executive coaching, career coaching, leadership coaching and instructional coaching. Our network hold certifications in a variety of coaching and training models.

Research & Evaluation

Our research includes market research and certification for ESSA tiers. We also help organizations explore the fidelity of implementations by offering program evaluations.

Policy Review

Our policy review includes federal, state and local policies. We can provide analysis of policies, support for implementing policies, and assistance in designing organizational policies to meet legislative requirements.

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